Delicate Frame Link Chain Necklace/Bracelet

Impasto Collection

We can't stop wearing (or making) the Delicate Frame Link chain.

Inspired by our Regular Frame Link chain, and measuring about half the size this design still packs a punch! Our frame link chains are named after a painter's canvas frame. As a hobbyist painter myself, I've always greatly enjoyed the first steps of stretching the frame.

These chains are all made to order, which means we can create any pattern or combo of metals you'd like. Here are some ideas and prices to get your gears turning if a solid chain doesn't excite you:

Silver Bracelet 1-14k Link - $450
Silver Bracelet 1-18k Link - $525
Silver Bracelet 3-14k Links - $750
Silver Bracelet/ Half 14k - $1,950
16" Necklace half Silver/ Half 14k Gold - $7,050
18" Necklace Silver w/ 3 inches of 18k - $4,150
18" Necklace Silver/ Half 18k Gold - $2,700
22" Necklace Silver w/3 14k Links - $1,300
24" Necklace Silver Chaos (6 inches of 18K) - $4,900

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About Impasto Collection

Introducing Impasto, a captivating collection of jewelry that marries the worlds of art and adornment with an exquisite fusion of geometric shapes, rich texture, and painterly details. Derived from the Italian word "impastare," meaning "to paste" or "to mix," Impasto refers to a technique in painting where thick layers of paint are applied to the canvas, resulting in a textured and expressive surface. This technique not only adds depth and dimension but also creates a tactile quality that invites exploration. Renowned artists such as Vincent van Gogh, known for his iconic use of impasto in pieces like "Starry Night," and Rembrandt, who utilized it to bring lifelike qualities to his portraits, have left an indelible mark with their mastery of this technique. In the realm of jewelry, the Impasto collection draws inspiration from these artistic giants, offering pieces that echo the boldness, texture, and captivating allure synonymous with the Impasto style.