Special Occasion Ring Accented with Leaves & Diamonds.

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Welcome to the world of semi-custom.

This listing is for a ring as befit a special occasion or celebration. 

Together we will design a 14k gold ring with a beautiful quality center stone around 5mm accented with leaf details and a few high-quality diamonds

These rings take about 6-8 weeks to properly design and source before delivery.

Additional stones, details, or thicknesses may require additional costs.

When sourcing a center stone, we usually work with Jon from Colorado, USA or Laura from Adelaide, AU 

Seen below are:

Geologic Spectrum's Shield-cut Purple Sapphire with Rose gold, 2 leaves, and 2 diamonds.

Geologic Spectrum's Cushion-cut Pink Sapphire with Yellow gold, 4 leaves, and 2 diamonds.

Tatum Gem's Triangular-cut Green Sapphire with Rose gold, 5 leaves, and 3 diamonds.