Bypass Hex Nail Ring

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The Hex Bypass Nail Ring is a solid chunky hexagonal nail inspired by lucky horseshoe nail pendants from the 1800s. We added two extra sides to the traditional square designs which give this old motif a fresh modern look. 

This design inspired a wonderful custom piece we designed in 2022 called 'Salt of the Earth' a 3" 14k yellow gold nail with a 7mm hexagonal Montana Sapphire set in the nail head, and 55+ salt and pepper baguette diamonds channel set into the front panel. Truly one of a kind.

Designed to be sturdy yet lightweight, it doesn't add too much heft while packing a lot of punch!

I've found that this unisex ring can be dressed up or down with whatever style you like to wear.

We're working on a Pinky (or wee size) version in higher karat golds.

This piece can be textured on the 6 facets to your preference in Brushed, High Polish, or Stippled. Custom Orders can be fully engraved.