Harlequin Vintage Scarab Silver Necklace with Fleur De Lis

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Immortality, Renewal & Enlightenment. Refresh your look with something that honors antique style - the Harlequin Vintage Scarab Silver Necklace will be your secret weapon.

Made with a trombone link collar length of 16", 10 carved scarab stones and a fleur de lis accents, this timeless piece is one you won't want to miss out on! This piece of jewelry that speaks volumes, read below about each stone's significance.


Stones & Symbolism

Blue Agate - Intuition
Rhodochrosite - Opens the heart
Rock Crystal - Clarity
Sardonyx - Courage
Amethyst - Enhances the mind's Eye
Blue Banded Agate - Intuition
Tiger's Eye - Inner Strength
Rose Quartz - Calming
Aventurine - Prosperity
Unakite - Balance


This piece is one of a kind but can be recreated with other stones, metals or sizes.