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The Lucky Bean Pendant is a hand-carved kidney bean inspired by lucky bean pendants from the 1800s. Collections of these vintage beans include sculptural and script engraving, bezel and star stone settings, enamel, and texture. We hope to add these enhancements through custom orders and over time, including some as staple designs. 

These beans measure 10mm from top to bottom, plus the bail. Solid metal so they won't crunch over time. Designed to be sturdy yet lightweight, it doesn't add too much heft while packing a lot of punch!

I've found that this unisex pendant can be dressed up or down with whatever style you like to wear.

Recommended to be paired with a delicate paperclip chain, and worn with other charms and pendants.

This piece can be textured on to your preference in Brushed, High Polish, or Stippled.

If you're interested in silver, gold, or alternative chain you can contact me prior to your order.

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Introducing Impasto, a captivating collection of jewelry that marries the worlds of art and adornment with an exquisite fusion of geometric shapes, rich texture, and painterly details. Derived from the Italian word "impastare," meaning "to paste" or "to mix," Impasto refers to a technique in painting where thick layers of paint are applied to the canvas, resulting in a textured and expressive surface. This technique not only adds depth and dimension but also creates a tactile quality that invites exploration. Renowned artists such as Vincent van Gogh, known for his iconic use of impasto in pieces like "Starry Night," and Rembrandt, who utilized it to bring lifelike qualities to his portraits, have left an indelible mark with their mastery of this technique. In the realm of jewelry, the Impasto collection draws inspiration from these artistic giants, offering pieces that echo the boldness, texture, and captivating allure synonymous with the Impasto style.